Beep Certificate

Standardized assessment of service providers in the field of human potential development.

Join the business model of a network of good contractors who are professionally verified and we connect them with our users.

The Beep Certificate is awarded on the basis of carefully developed criteria and criteria to contractors whose services enable people to develop their potential.


Beep Certificate can be obtained by content providers in the field of development and realization of human potential. These can be individuals or organizations.

In accordance with our Beep model of human potential development, it is a wide range of services that:

At the Beep Institute, we have developed specified requirements and criteria by which we judge performers and content providers in the field of holistic human development and provide assurance that their services meet the highest quality standards.


Development oriented to the way of thinking


Caring for health and general well-being


Adequate conditions and opportunities in the environment

How do you get a Beep Certificate?

Fill out the application form

If you are interested in obtaining a Beep Certificate, fill out the application form on our website and entrust us with some key information that will serve us in the further process.

After receiving the completed form, we will contact you via email with detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Free basic assessment

Complete a short questionnaire. Get acquainted completely free of charge with the areas that we will check with experts and candidates for obtaining the Beep Cerfiticate. You will receive a written report through which you will gain an insight into the first assessment of suitability for obtaining a Beep Certificate.

Based on a free basic assessment, we recognize your potential for obtaining a Beep Certificate and invite you to further activities. Otherwise, you can help yourself with the recommendations to correct the discrepancies and re-enter the free basic assessment process within 6 months.

In-depth measurements

A positive assessment of the potential is followed by a meeting where we will familiarize you with the process and present you with the advantages for all stakeholders in this process.

We will perform in-depth measurements, through which we will obtain data important for obtaining the Beep Certificate and inclusion in our network of experts in the field of development and realization of human potential.

The measurements are followed by data processing, analysis and assessment. The assessment is carried out by qualified assessors, who in their work follow the standards, procedures and instructions of the Beep Institute in the field of employee potential management.

Awarding of the certificate

In the case of compliance and a corresponding, positive assessment of your suitability for inclusion in our pool of experts, a certificate will be issued.

In the event of a successful assessment, you will receive a Beep Certificate, which confirms your excellence in the field of employee potential management and thus ensures your inclusion in the pool of suitable experts for the implementation of content that contributes to the holistic development of people.

I want a free basic assessment

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