BEEP Talk & Sounds Nº1

14. 11. 2019 - HRM

BEEP Talk & Sounds Nº1 is the inaugural event of the Beep Institute. An event that connects people into a community. A new event format that emphasizes the importance of human potential through short lectures and music.

The selected concept offers an interweaving of discussions, presentation of trends and examples from practice, and above all socializing and creating a new community of HR experts and managers.

The educational music event BEEP Talk & Sounds Nº1 hosted top experts and musicians who presented the topic of human potential from three different perspectives:



They shared their knowledge, experiences and personal stories with us:

dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva

Chief Reinvention Officer, WE EXIST REINVENTION AGENCY

Aaron Marko

Co-founder and partner, HANSEN BECK

Saša Božič

Coach and consultant for strategic marketing, SASA CONSULTING

Jure Bornšek

Therapist of orthopedic medicine and manual therapy

dr. Fabian Bernhard

Associate Professor of Management, EDHEC BUSINESS SCHOOL, Paris

Gregor Jamnik


dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik

Partner and director, HRM d.o.o.


Janez Dovč

Accordionist, composer and physicist

Batista Cadillac

Good friends and music creators

Viljem Pregelj

Musician, producer and DJ




14.00 – Check-in and welcome finger food


Most of us still believe that expertise is quite enough for redundancy. Brilliant engineers, indispensable prima donnas and irreplaceable experts can be harmful as well as beneficial. So what to focus on when developing colleagues?

Leading with emotional intelligence and creating an innovative workplace climate.

Take a moment and try to remember the last time you had an amazing idea. How did you feel in that moment just before the spark of creativity ignited you? Has this emotional state affected your creativity? And are you generally prone to this emotion? These are essential questions for understanding the connection between emotions and creativity.

Organizacije, ki potrebujejo kreativne zaposlene, so zainteresirane za iskanje odgovorov nanje. Kajti če drži, da nas določena čustva delajo bolj iznajdljive, bi podjetja zagotovo želela, da bi jih izkusili tudi njihovi zaposleni. Tako bi namreč lahko spodbudili organizacijsko klimo, nagnjeno k takšnim koristnim čustvom. Skladno s tem obstaja potreba, da se bolj poglobimo v čustvena stanja, v katerih so zaposleni še posebej inovativni.

15.00 – Janez Dovč: Excerpt from the musical theater performance TESLA


How to motivate colleagues, how to create a positive work tempo, if we can barely keep ourselves above water psycho-physically? So let’s see what our first step could be.

Does being active mean less fatigue, improved concentration and productivity at work? Why does sports activity and a healthy balanced diet fill us with energy, happiness and satisfaction?

Unfortunately, people spend more time caring for their car than they do for their health. How to start taking care of your body so you don’t burn out and lose motivation? We are made to move, so let’s release our reserves and give our body the best.

16.00 – Batista Cadillac: Interpretation of the author’s debut “Pust me do beseda”


Ask any manager or entrepreneur in the world: “What is your key challenge” and you will surely get the answer again and again: “How do you stay afloat?”

The economy we live in today is booming and busting, making it difficult to stay on top. Just as we deal with one crisis, another one appears. Artificial intelligence, block chain, circular economy, digitization, Industry 4.0, millennials, new competition, new regulations, political upheavals, sharing economy, substitute products, and we could go on and on – business disruptions are rolling over us faster and faster, significantly affecting way of working, competitiveness and profit.

With such a speed and scale of change, how do we even survive – and above all, how do we thrive? In this exciting yet pragmatic research-based address, Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva shows how the business reality has changed – and how you can take advantage of these changes and get to know yourself, your company and the world around you again.

The world of work is changing. When it comes to employees, it is no longer the companies that pull the strings, but the main players are the employees, and the company defines the length, flexibility and thickness of that thread. You will learn what kind of thread and material to use at the lecture by Dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik.

17.00 VIljem Pregelj (DJ Rogovilc): Saksofon performance


17.20 Gregor Jamnik: How did one of the youngest and most successful hoteliers in Slovenia realize his potential on his career path?


18.00 Refreshment and Batista Cadillac




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