Beep Club is a community of companies for sustainable development and human well-being.

Beep Club is a platform for raising awareness and education through online content and events, which can be adapted to the needs of the organization in the form of customized thematic programs.


We enrich knowledge with unlimited access to exclusive educational content on the Beep Boost platform.

HR meetings

We broaden horizons on a certain topic at Beep Focus online meetings, which are intended for expert discussion by HR experts.

for management

We delve into the topics of the development of human potential through practical examples and musical and culinary stimuli.


We enrich knowledge with unlimited access to exclusive educational content on the Beep Boost platform.

Online meetings

We expand our horizons at Beep Focus online meetings.

Beep Talk & Sounds

We experience a holistic experience at Beep Talk & Sounds events. We delve into the topics of the development of human potential through practical examples and musical and culinary stimuli.


Become a company that takes care of the sustainable development and well-being of employees.

With its content and events, Beep Club raises awareness and educates for the preventive and active promotion of health, well-being and effective functioning of employees - for the sustainability of people and not just the environment.

 We work with the best experts at home and abroad, build a platform with a knowledge library and connect companies that are aware of the importance of investing in people's development.

Beep Club consists of three sets of educational content:

A comprehensive business-educational experience for management, where the topics of the development of human well-being and potential are presented live through short interactive lectures, music and cuisine.

Online platform, which EVERY WEEK brings new professional and practical content in the field of promoting well-being and sustainable development of people. It is intended for all employees in the organization.

Thematic online moderated 2-hour discussions for HR professionals, where 4 TIMES A YEAR with experts we present the latest practices and address current challenges in organizations.

Current for TOP management

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Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom for Our Well-Being

Ayurveda fundamentally emphasizes the importance of personal sustainability. Personal sustainability refers to the holistic well-being of an individual, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


We all search for balance, who manages to find it?

Do you find it difficult to coordinate all activities, do a lot of work and postpone time for yourself until later?

The balance between professional and private life has become an extremely individualized and stressful topic. Namely, with work from home and various flexible forms of work, the dividing line between work and private time becomes even more blurred.


social WELFARE


Looking for post-heroic leaders

From an economic point of view, leaders are expected to have supernatural abilities to foresee and plan and to juggle many unknowns in a world where nothing is predictable anymore.


A comprehensive business-educational experience for management

An online educational platform for all employees and every individual 

Thematic online moderated 2-hour discussions for HR professionals


Your company or organization is invited to become a member of the BEEP Club, which focuses on the sustainable development of people. A natural person can also be a member.


Let's go

The development and progress of Trim is essentially planned by the people of Trim.

We are well aware that the potential of our colleagues is also the potential of the company and our future.
At Trim, we build on sustainable paradigms, which is why we joined To the Beep Institute as Ambassador of Sustainable Development of Human Potential.

We look forward to further joint cooperation and development of good practices!

Janja Špiler

Human Resources Director of the Trimo Group

Big Bang

Human resources departments in companies today are no longer just in the role of a support function, but their function is strategic and developmental.

It must become a driving force and bearer of changes in the company. However, this cannot happen "overnight". At Big Bang, in 2020 we established a Potential Management (UP) team, which takes care of the best use of the market's potential and the development of the potential of internal teams. This directly affects better sales results. It helps us with that Beep Institute, as it gives our team access to knowledge and the best experts from various fields that influence the sustainable development of human potential in the Big Bang.

Matjaž Butara

Director of Big Bang Potential Management

Sava Insurance Company

The development of leadership in Zavarovalnica Sava is one of the main strategic goals of the personnel function. 

This is based on the approach of integrated performance management, which means that we want to develop different approaches to managing the work performance of employees. Therefore, within the framework of the established Academy of Management, we ensure that managers connect with experts who present and share knowledge on the topic of sustainable human development. In this way, we create a unified management culture in the company, support employees in changing the mindset related to the role of a manager; we develop and upgrade leadership competencies, strengthen good relationships and promote a safe and healthy environment. We develop managers in the direction of promoters of change and innovation, as well as focus on customers and employees.

Maruška Vihar

director of HR at Zavarovalnica Sava

Beep Institute

We are creating an innovative platform for the holistic development of the well-being of the company's employees.

With a comprehensive approach to human development, we strive for sustainable solutions for both companies and individuals. 

With Beep Club, we are therefore building a new community of development-oriented organizations and individuals who want personal growth and strive to become the best versions of themselves.

The Beep Institute works with its services and tools to proactively and actively promote the health, well-being and efficient functioning of employees - for the sustainability of people and not just the environment.


Sustainable employee development and the social element of ESG

The social element of ESG refers to the well-being of employees, which is an important part of any successful company. A work environment thrives on the social interactions, friendships and general happiness of employees. Conversely, a stressful environment can lead to employee turnover and sick leave due to stress and mental health concerns.

Sustainable human development

it is becoming increasingly important for business operations, people's psychological well-being and the long-term success of society.

Human potential 

is the ability of an individual to develop, improve and be successful in the environment in which he works.

Sustainable working environments

they realize the potential of employees and, consequently, the potential of companies. 


A sustainable model of promoting well-being that balances three different aspects:

How to ensure sustainable working environments?

Companies that establish sustainable work environments systematically identify, develop and realize the potential of employees and are on the right path to ensuring long-term successful business.

Beep Institute promotes the sustainable development of people through activities Beep Club. We provide our clients with access to current educational and professional content via an online platform Beep Boost and through participation in events Beep Talk & Sounds and meetings Beep Focus.