Beep Institute

In 2022 we introduced Beep Boost – an innovative online knowledge-exchange platform for boosting your potential and well-being.

With a holistic approach to human development, we strive for sustainable solutions for both companies and individuals.

Managers and HR professionals, as well as providers of educational, developmental and consulting content, play a key role in introducing sustainable practices in companies.

With the Beep Club, therefore, we are building a new community of development-oriented organizations and individuals who want personal growth and strive to become the best versions of themselves.

Sustainable development

is becoming increasingly important for psychological well-being of people, business management and long-term success of society.

Human potential

is the ability of an individual to develop, improve and be successful in the environment in which he or she operates.

Sustainable work environments

empower employees' potential and consequently also the potential of companies.  


How to achieve empowerment of human potential?

We take a holistic approach to different aspects that influence the development of human potential. That is why we have developed a unique model that highlights three key components for human development:

How to ensure sustainable working environments?

Companies that establish sustainable working environments systematically identify, develop and empower employees' potential and are on the right path to ensure long-term successful business.

Beep Institute encourages sustainable development of human potential through Beep Club activities. Our members have access to the most up to date educational content through an online knowledge exchange platform Beep Boost and through participation in Beep Talk & Sounds events and Beep Focus online meetings with experts.

Beep Institute team

We are a team of individuals, united in the desire for sustainable development of human potential in organizations and in society in general.

We strive to co-create long-term successful and development-oriented companies that empower employees' potential.

We are committed to creating educational content, bringing memorable experiences and promoting good practices in the human development field.

The development of the project is led by dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik in a collaboration with a team of external permanent collaborators, Nataša Arko and Ana Nađ. Our work is strongly supported by a diverse team of different experts in research and development. In addition, a 10-member team of HRM One doo (Beep's parent company) employees are involved in the project. 

Maja Fesel Kamenik, PhD

Maja is CEO, founder and co-owner of Beep Institute. She is a business psychologist with a PhD and background in MBA as well. She is an expert in organizational and business psychology and also an owner and CEO of HRM One doo. Maja is key conceptual leader and coordinator of Beep Institute.


Žiga Mlakar

Matic is a psychologist with a passion for the development of people and organizations. At the Beep Institute, he leads the development of tools such as the Beep Index and the certification process, writes scientific papers for the Beep Club, and tackles other development challenges. His interest also extends to the field of neurofeedback methods.

Hummingbirds and origami are synonyms for discovering employees' potential in a unique way.

Hummingbirds are dynamic creatures that return positive energy to the world.

The choice of hummingbird in the Beep Institute logo is not random. We were amazed by its unique properties of swinging its wings more than 90 times in a second, fly up to 800 km at a time and is the only bird that can fly backwards.

Hummingbirds are agile and adapt quickly to change. They say that if a hummingbird crosses your path, it tries to draw attention to the joy of small things and to the power and potential we carry within us.

Sophisticated turquoise is the color of creativity and open communication.

The colorful beauty of hummingbirds is nature's work of art. We chose turquoise as our color because it's a blend of blue and green, colors that represent wisdom and growth. But also simply because it's the color of the ocean and the sky and a companion on our travels.

Origami is art, learning, consolidation and creativity.

Hummingbird is shown in our logo as origami, because we want to emphasize that an individual does not need additional tools to achieve his or her potential, only a strong will. Also in the origami technique, the goal is to transform a flat sheet of paper through various folding techniques without tools.

Our values

We are united in the desire for sustainable development of human potential in organizations and in society in general.

By investing in the development of individuals, everyone develops: employees, companies and society.

We are committed to creating educational content, bringing memorable experiences and promoting good practices in the human development field.

We welcome curiosity at work.

We believe in development through learning and collaboration.

We do what we say and we say what we do.

We love new experiences and joy along the way.

We implement changes responsibly.

We are committed to the progress of people, society and the environment.

Our story

Recipient of incentive for innovative start-ups with a potential for rapid growth.

Beep institute was granted EU funding in the public tender "Incentives for innovative startups" in 2020 (P2 2020) for our project of human potential development platform. The goal of the operation is to take a comprehensive and systematic approach to creating sustainable solutions for human potential development. The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. 

More information about cohesion policy in Slovenia:



Beep Institute becomes a legal entity.

Since the revival of the idea up until today we have successfully organized several events that addressed different questions of human potential development and created a business community whose members are aware of the importance of sustainable leadership in our society. Responses from managers, entrepreneurs and HR experts confirmed that the need to develop tools in the field of managing the potential of employees is great. As a result, Beep Institute ltd. was established on February 20 2020, with a focus on how to stimulate curiosity, the desire to grow and the potential of people in the workplace, while drawing attention to the lack of these topics in professional circles.


Focus on human potential development.

In 2019, the idea of Beep was revived in collaboration with Maja Fesel Kamenik and Nejka Grabnar, who combined more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in psychology, HR management, marketing, communication and management in order to offer a new perspective and a new approach to leadership, providing stimulating work environments and development of employees' potential. Beep revival began as a project that will help organizations effectively manage employees' potential in the leadership and HR management challenges.

Issue of Beep magazine.

The first issue of the Beep magazine was published (PROFESSIONAL JOURNAL IN THE FIELD OF ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT), and the first Beep conference was successfully held. Due to the ownership separation between HRM doo and Planet GV doo the idea was suspended at the time, and the team unfortunately dispersed to their respective areas of activity.


Project that would help organizations in dealing with leadership challenges.

The initiator of the idea in 2015 was Maja Fesel Kamenik, PhD in psychology, entrepreneur and then co-owner of PLANET GV doo and HRM doo With an ambition to refresh HRM magazine, the idea arose for a different approach to managing people (achieving business results of companies through better empowerment of employees). The original purpose was to promote modern HR approaches, renovate the magazine and establish a portal.

Beep Institute doo