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Beep Focus is an online event of the Beep Institute, intended for all HR professionals who recognize the importance of sustainable development of human potential. The thematic 2-hour meeting, which we organize 4 times a year, hosts international and Slovenian experts who share their knowledge and best practices for the sustainable development of employees and the excellence of business operations.


In recent years, the area of sustainability has been one of the main areas that every company deals with, as sustainability affects every part of the business. And it is no different in the field of HR, where sustainability means everything from creating an appropriate environment for employees, taking care of health and safety at work and supporting development. 

Since the concept of sustainability is a broad concept even within HR, the practices are also very different. This time, at the Focus meet up, we will host four lecturers who will present their perception of sustainability in HR and/or good practices in their companies. 

ESG standards are a guide to sustainability, but by themselves they are not enough to keep employees healthy and motivated. 

How can we upgrade the social component of sustainable development in our company, which is becoming a mandatory standard in Slovenia and around the world.

How are some companies already doing this?

At the hybrid meeting (live and online), we will host female experts who will present various aspects of the topic and share good practices as a starting point for the discussion.


Opening words of the host about sustainability in HR

What is sustainability in HR and its role in the implementation of ESG standards
dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik, director of the Beep Institute

How is the principle of sustainable development perceived and implemented in the HR department of Plastike Skaza?
Aleksandra Logar, head of HR, Plastika Skaza

The Triglav.smo program is for the well-being of employees
Duša Lindtner, Development and Education Department, Zavarovalnica Triglav


Maja Fesel
dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik
Director of HRM One and Beep Institute

dr. Maja Fesel Kamenik is a psychologist, founder and owner of Beep Institute. At the same time, she is also the director of HRM One, a company for personnel management, education and business consulting. With its services and tools, Beep Institute works to proactively and actively promote the health, well-being and efficient functioning of employees - for the sustainability of people and not just the environment.

Aleksandra Logar
Alexandra Logar
Head of HR, Plastika Skaza

Aleksandra joined the company Skaza almost 4 years ago, namely as the head of the personnel department. Although she is a lawyer by education, she is certainly not at heart. It was her education that led her to human resources, where in recent years she has been especially happy to see that the human resources department is no longer just about editing the employee's documentation, but the role of human resources professionals is comprehensive care for the individual as part of the company's goals. She really likes contact with people, and it is precisely this cooperation with and for people that is her greatest motivation.

Duša Lindtner
Dear Lindtner
Department for Development and Education, Zavarovalnica Triglav

Duša Lindtner has been working in Triglav since 2005. She started in the corporate communications department, and then in 2012 she was offered the opportunity to work in the HR field. She gladly accepted the challenge, because there she was waiting for (among others) the Triglav.smo program, which was just in its creation phase. She has been with him, as she says, "since his early childhood, we went together, studied and learned a lot, and now we are moving forward very well and wisely". As part of this program, she was entrusted with the management and coordination of a rather large group of colleagues who create the program at all business locations of Zavarovalnica Triglav. As she also says, she is lucky to have been able to realize many ideas and concepts through this program, and even more so to know every hidden corner or its specialty. All this gives her the opportunity to "weave a tapestry with many new and unique patterns", which gives charm and value to this program. They are very proud of him and the great team behind him.


February 2022

Establishing healthy lifestyle habits: Modern preventive approaches to maintaining health and well-being

The father of the "wellness movement" Halbert L. Dunn said that "health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of harmony of body, mind and well-being, whereby the person himself is responsible for achieving this state. A healthy lifestyle is the basis for health and well-being." Or to put it another way. A healthy lifestyle is really a balance of different components. It is a way of life in which there are more positive than negative emotions, and it is a style that prevents what we might regret in the long run. It's not really an exaggeration of anything. But what does that mean? How much and what kind of movement does this concept cover? Which nutritional supplements, how much childlike excitement and curiosity? How much hard work and how much rest? How much breathing and how much meaningful work and self-realization in private life? How much gentleness to self and others and how much discipline? And if you want, how many orgasms and laughter? And this was also the topic of this year's Beep Focus, the sixth in a row. With the flood of trends, various referrals and advice on how to really live healthy, quasi-experts and gurus, who were especially flooded by the pandemic, we invited experts as guests who guided us in an argumentative, scientific, professional and weighty way.

October 2021

Company transformation: How to change the mindset and behavioral patterns of employees?

The well-known saying of Peter Drucker, a world-renowned expert in the field of organizations and management, says that: "Culture eats business strategy for breakfast." The latter is also confirmed by numerous studies that establish that for the continuous growth and transformation of an organization it is necessary to put it first culture change (Gartner, 2020). Let's also mention the fact that in 70 percent of cases, efforts to fundamentally change the performance and operation of organizations are not successful. The set goals are not realized, they take too long, or the change is only temporary. That is why we dedicated the October Beep Focus to the topic of company transformation and invited representatives of the companies Trimo, NKBM, Pivovarne Laško Union, Knauf Insulation and Zavarovalnice Sava to participate, where they successfully carried out an organizational transformation, to share their knowledge and experience with us.

May 2021

Why share the company's success with employees?

In the business world, we can see more and more companies that decide to share the ownership of the company among the employees, because in this way they encourage an entrepreneurial mindset among employees. In this way, employees have the feeling that they are really working for themselves and for everyone, while at the same time their proactivity and assumption of responsibility is strengthened. Tracking is reflected in above-average added value per employee and the company's exceptional business breakthroughs. Even in Slovenia, the share of companies that allow employees to enter the ownership structure of the company and report exceptional results is increasing. On our Wednesday, we invited experts who shed light on the topic from different angles and presented their experiences, the reasons for such a decision and, of course, the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

April 2021

How to establish a feedback culture?

Feedback is a key tool for employee development. It is part of the process of monitoring the employee in his work and represents a method of communication through which the manager usually gives the employee information about his behavior or certain aspects of his work with the aim of improving results, processes or attitudes. Therefore, it makes sense to promote a culture of feedback in the company and develop employees so that they know how to both give and receive feedback - both positive and negative. At the meeting, we discovered with recognized experts what are the best ways to give praise and criticism, what are the key challenges in establishing the mentioned culture and how to face challenges effectively.

February 2021

How to establish and maintain environmental security in companies?

The ability of an individual to express and assert his opinion without fear of negative consequences is one of the key definitions of psychological safety. when employees feel accepted, respected and understood, they also become more open, resistant to criticism and motivated to work, all of which is reflected in the company's ability to achieve top results and business breakthroughs. With the experts, we found out why psychological safety is important at all, what are the consequences if we do not provide it in companies, and presented good practices of ways to maintain psychological safety in companies.

December 2020

How to realize human potential in the new reality of remote work?

What are the biggest challenges and at the same time the opportunities of remote work, which represents a new reality? We focused on the topic with experts from various perspectives of the development of human potential: mindset, well-being and opportunities.

April 2022

What does creativity mean for individuals, companies and society?

Nastja Mulej, an ardent advocate of creativity as a fundamental competence of the 21st century, Mateja Panjan, a creator of new ways of working, Gašper Hren, an agile coach, and Urška Jež, a passionate creator of innovative projects, explore the meaning of creativity and the approaches they use to generate synapses and ideas. in high performance teams. We share practices and experiences, approaches and techniques, methods and recipes for creativity and innovation.


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