BEEP Talk & Sounds Nº2

28/01/2020 - RESTAURANT JB

BEEP Talk & Sounds Nº2 is a new event format that emphasizes the importance of human potential through short lectures and music.

The event offered answers to the challenges faced by more and more organizations and their leaders:

"How to encourage, develop and realize the potential of employees in the workplace?"

The educational music event BEEP Talk & Sounds Nº2 hosted top experts and musicians who presented the topic of human potential from three different perspectives:


Three sections, six lecturers, three musical performances and a superb culinary tasting.


They shared their knowledge, experiences and personal stories with us:

Lovro Peterlin

Managing Director, A1 SLOVENIA

dr. Fayruz S. Ismagilova

Associate Professor of Psychology, URAL FEDERATION UNIVERSITY (BN YELZIN), Yekaterinburg

Ina Kukovič Borovnik

Lawyer and founder, BELA VODA

Matej Delakorda

Trainer and experiential learning expert

Mateja Panjan and Gašper Hren


dr. Peter Baloch

Partner and executive coach, MATCH KNOWLEDGE

Miha Žerko

President of the SRC board

Janez Bratovž

Chef and owner of JB Restaurant


Igor Matkovic

One of the most interesting trumpet players on the Slovenian jazz scene

Jani Moder

Academic guitarist

Eva Hren

Singer, guitarist

Peter Ugrin

Classical and jazz violinist




13.30 Start and registration


It's hard to imagine running a successful organization without talking about winning, growth and a winning mentality. What allowed sports dynasties such as Manchester United between 1991 and 2011 or the Boston Celtics between 1959 and 1966 to be so successful and to win championships for a series of years? What did they have in common and what separated them from other teams? Lovro Peterlin will think about this and his own approaches and personal experiences of how to achieve a winning mentality when leading teams, how to achieve commitment to achieve continuous growth and what to focus on as a leader.

ENG: Our "tunnel thinking" restricts our zone of decision searching, and our "modus operandi" is often more comfortable than effective. To prevent those mistakes, we devote problems to algorithmically solvable and algorithmically unsolvable ones. But created by a Soviet inventor, the TRIZ method leads to the algorithmic solution of unsolvable creative inventive problems.

14.40 JAnez Bratovž: Tasting "Mindset"

14.50 Igor Matković (trumpet): With (jazz) improvisation past established patterns (Jani Moder on guitar)


We live in a time when many systems – the environment in which we operate and live – are becoming unsustainable and do not establish conditions for well-being. The challenges of humanity in this century require new approaches to business, shaping society and creating change. If we know how to return to Nature, we can redefine the principles that can help us be better.

We live in an era of great distraction. Most likely, no human generation has so far been besieged with information, distractions and various interruptions of the work process as much as ours. The irony is that we've done this to ourselves with a variety of apps, games and tools – even for greater efficiency. These tools have progressed faster and more advanced over the years. Humans, on the other hand, have not been able to follow this development, especially we have not progressed in the ability of self-control and self-awareness when using all technological aids. Today, we are increasingly becoming prisoners of our own technology. We thought we would save time, but in fact we accelerated our perception of life, which most of us also feel is more stressful and anxious. What can and will we do about it?

15.40 Janez Bratovž: Tasting "Wellbeing"

15.50 Eva Hren: Jazz performance "Cheek to cheek"


Exactly 5 years ago, we at Danfoss started the Future of Work project, which today functions as a "self-managed" platform for employee learning and development. The establishment and development of the field of work in the future has brought exceptional results, as we are thus much better prepared for global trends, and at the same time our employees have many opportunities to learn, develop and co-create the digital future and innovative business practices.

An environment in which people realize their potential for the good of the organization's goals is not a matter of chance, but rather is given and must be systematically created. Good global practice and research have crystallized five key elements that companies must simultaneously address if they want to create a "flourishing environment". In the speech, organizational and executive coach dr. Based on local and global experience from companies such as Pfizer, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Irish Distillers, Electrolux, Honeywell, and also niche champions, Peter Baloh presented pragmatic steps that effectively lead to such an environment.

17.00 Janez Bratovž: Tasting "Work environment"

17.10 Peter Ugrin (violin): Jazz improvisation as a way of life


17.20 Miha Žerko: A personal story about realizing your potential with one of the top Slovenian managers


18.00 Networking

19.00 Conclusion




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