Beep Talk & Sounds Nº6

Alenka Kragelj Eržen

Director and leading architect, Kragelj arhitekti

Immediately after receiving her diploma at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Alenka founded her own architectural company and soon realized that the traditional process of planning, design and construction is often fragmented and ineffective. Over the years, she has developed the skills to work with all stakeholders in workspace renovation and construction projects, uncovering hidden problems and potential through conversations and research. Alenka deeply studies how to better organize work, including methods of integrated project delivery, and today she plays a key role in the management and execution of workspace transformation projects, from the research phase to change management and project completion. He understands how the work environment affects the performance of employees and the company itself, and uses a range of research and design methodologies to develop customized workplace design solutions that promote productivity and collaboration and a dynamic, inclusive culture. He strongly advocates the idea of putting people at the center of workplace design. She is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has written many articles on architecture, interior design and workplace design strategies.