Thirty years of leadership and the search for life balance

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Saša Mrak Hendrickson's conversation with the multi-awarded businessman and former president of the Association Manager mag. Alexander Zalaznik

With more than thirty years of management experience, Aleksander Zalaznik has learned a lot about work-life balance. The challenges are great: to balance yourself, owners, society, employees. As he himself says, is it better than working constantly to figure out how to achieve as much as possible with as little work as possible? That perhaps too often we get lost in the rapture of work and quickly lose the thread of what is important?

When talking about stress, Zalaznik warns that it is always necessary to look for a solution at the beginning, at the cause. Do you think it's even better if we're a bit lazy by nature and know how to take time to rest, rather than seeing only work?

Watch the conversation with Aleksander Zalaznik about the basic principles and guidelines that have helped him in his long-term leadership and his view on the power of artificial intelligence.

Who is mag. Alexander Zalaznik?

Aleksander Zalaznik is one of the most successful and respected managers in Slovenia. 

Over a period of three decades, Danfoss led Trata in a way that ensured continuous growth and development and better business results every year, above average both in the Slovenian and international environment. In the first years of his leadership, he successfully carried out the process of joining the then Trata to the Danfoss Group. Under his leadership, the company developed into a competitive development organization, a leader in district heating and cooling solutions. During this period, the number of employees grew from 160 to 600 employees with Danfoss' vision of the engineers of the future, and turnover increased 30 times: from 5 million to almost 150 million EUR (in 2022). Even in terms of the added value created, under his leadership, Danfoss Trata ranked among the champions of the Slovenian economy: with over EUR 100,000 per employee, it almost doubles the Slovenian average. As a recognized and respected manager, in addition to running the company as president for two terms, Zalaznik also managed the Manager Association extremely successfully.
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