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Saša Mrak Hendrickson's conversation with entrepreneur and owner of Red Orbit company Andraž Štalec
about his personal transformation

Life before and after the covid-19 pandemic. Two separate chapters in the life of entrepreneur Andraž Štalac. Before covid, Andraž was a typical entrepreneur who was always involved, constantly in meetings and always on the move. Andraž says that his view of the world has changed drastically. This also means changes in management, business, mentality.

He admits that he also had difficult moments and challenges, but he turned to professionals for help. He shares with us how a business coach, a business psychologist and a personal psychologist guided him through these times and helped him understand what is needed for a successful transformation.

Andraž shares his experiences and thoughts, and also emphasizes the importance of acquiring and developing digital competences, which Slovenia needs so much. So how did this unusual era change his understanding of leadership and business? Why did he decide to transform his approach and what did he learn along the way?

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Who is Andraž Štalec?

Andraž Štalec is the CEO and co-founder of the award-winning company Red Orbit, active in the field of digital marketing since 2001. He is in love with data, analytics and efficiency. It focuses on employees and their well-being, understanding and accepting people as a whole, and promoting work-life balance. Andraž is also a judge of the European Search Awards and a regular speaker at major international events in the field of digital marketing. He has already given more than 200 presentations, keynote speeches and workshops all over the world (London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Budapest, Prague, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Bucharest, Riga, Athens and Bali). As an experienced marketing consultant and entrepreneur, he has worked with hundreds of organizations to develop/improve their digital marketing strategy and help them grow their business. Through a mix of different projects, he gained invaluable experience in the field of marketing and management. Andraž is considered one of the best experts in digital marketing in the region. 
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