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Experiential learning

Experiential learning, also known as experiential learning, is the process of learning through direct life experiences, instead of or in addition to traditional learning from books or lectures. This method of learning is based on the idea that the best understanding of a topic or concept is gained through practice and personal experience.


How do we best recover after work?

In order for employees to be able to cope effectively with increasing work demands, it is essential that they maintain optimal physical and mental health. Effective recovery after work undoubtedly contributes to this.

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The food and medicine of the future

The best recipe for a healthy, balanced, calm life is drinking water, consuming complex nutrients, moving, breathing properly and calming down. meditation.

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Finding a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a balance of different components. It is a way of life in which there are more positive than negative emotions and it is a style that prevents what we might regret in the long run.


How to be active even in the work environment?

Does being active mean less fatigue, improved concentration and productivity at work? Why does sports activity and a healthy balanced diet fill us with energy, happiness and satisfaction?