Becoming a leader should be an honor and a responsibility

BEEP PODCAST with Petra Ković

Guest: dr. Miha Škerlavaj, vice dean for research work and doctoral studies and full professor for the field of management at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana

It is time for new forms of leadership, which will lead organizations, society and individuals to a better use of human potential. But how? dr. Miha Škerlavaj has the answer, which is "post-heroic leadership".

It is not necessary to lose words, in what a complex time we live. Tests accumulate and present each of us with new challenges, and thus decision-makers, managers, and leaders who hold decision levers. Organizations are therefore under increasing pressure, where and how to find a manager who will be able to manage both financial leverage and human development in a successful and sustainable way for all.

Our interlocutor, prof. dr. Miha Škerlavaj from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana and BI Norwegian Business School says that it is therefore necessary to think about new forms of management. He himself calls them post-heroic leadership, which he talks about every week on the Radio Slovenia program and about which he wrote an interesting book.

In the institute's Beep podcast, he also gave ideas, reflections and thoughts that can be understood as a guide to creating not only a better condition of organizations, but also to a better well-being of society as a whole.


What will you hear on the podcast?

  • About the state of society and the world that affects organizations and people
  • What is post-heroic leadership to you?
  • What is a post-heroic leader like?
  • How should companies look for the right leader and what should they pay attention to?
  • What are the right competencies for leadership and how to acquire them?
  • What is humanization of work?

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