How to accept diversity and work in a diverse environment?

BEEP PODCAST with Saša Mrak Hendrickson, editor and consultant of the Beep Institute

Guest: Barbara Zupančič, Univ. B.Sc. psych., director of the Diversity Charter Slovenia

People are different. Which is good. Since we can be very different, there can be problems accepting differences, be it cultural, character, racial, religious, sexual... But in our everyday work environment, diversity is an advantage and has been proven to bring better work results for teams and companies.

"Diversity is a fact, and inclusion is a choice we make every day. In order to integrate and build connection and belonging, it is necessary to have the heart, knowledge and support of the management," says this time's guest of the podcast, psychologist Barbara Zupančič, director Diversity Charter Slovenia. He adds that change needs to be implemented at all levels, not just by leadership, and leadership needs to set an example that shows inclusion of difference and diversity on a daily basis.

A survey by the global consulting firm Boston Consulting Group found that nearly all Fortune 500 companies in the US provide diversity and inclusion training, spending about $8 billion each year.

Source: Boston Consulting Group research

The red thread of the conversation is about why it is necessary to promote diversity, how to understand it and how to accept it, so that we will all feel better in the company of people who are different or different from us. Barbara is an experienced expert in the field of work inclusion of the most vulnerable groups and managing diversity in the workplace, and above all, an extremely warm person.

Slovenia's diversity charter is part of the European initiative. As the 20th in a row in the EU, it joined the European Platform of Diversity Charters, thus connecting Slovenian companies with European ones in a joint commitment to promote the values of diversity, inclusion and equality. It was created under the auspices of the oldest French Charter and the European Platform, which today connects 24 European Charters. In Slovenia, it connects over 220 Slovenian organizations and companies that have committed themselves to these values by signing.


What will you hear on the podcast?

  • What is actually hidden behind the word diversity?
  • How does the diversity of society compare to the biotic diversity of nature?
  • Why are diverse teams more successful?
  • Why is diversity so emphasized in today's times, when we were already different in the past?
  • How diverse are Slovenian work environments compared to other European countries and the USA?
  • Are we Slovenians positively disposed towards difference and diversity?
  • Why do some people not want to be different from themselves?
  • What is the difference in attitude towards the acceptance of difference or diversity between generations and what kind?
  • Managing and promoting diversity in work environments is not just up to management. Why?


Interlocutor: Barbara Zupančič, psychologist and director of the Slovenia Diversity Charter
Interesting fact: she is an extremely good singer with an amazing velvety voice
Life Motto: Live and let live.
Recording time: Thursday, 26.1. 2023, at 5:30 p.m
Filming location: virtual podcast studio
Asks: Saša Mrak Hendrickson

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