We all search for balance, who manages to find it?

BEEP PODCAST with Tamara Valenčič, an expert in the development of people and organizations

Guest: Nina Gaspari, entrepreneur, content creator and editor of the most listened-to entrepreneurial podcast in our country - Lovim veženje

Photo: Mimi Antolović

The balance between professional and private life has become an increasingly individualized topic in recent years, as with work from home and later flexible forms of work, the dividing line between work and private time has become even more blurred. In a given situation, we have to do a lot on our own to balance ourselves.

What will you hear on the podcast?

  • How to hunt for balance
  • Why setting goals is important
  • What we have no influence on and how to live with it
  • How to find your why
  • How to start setting up routines
  • How to get around intruder syndrome

In order to take care of your well-being, well-being and health holistically, we need to address a comprehensive life balance. Not only at work and at home, in the family and among friends, we must also think about our attitude towards social networks, and above all about their influence on us, our well-being and our actions.

Global research is increasingly confirming that a good balance also affects our career and development. Delloit's research¹ confirms that a good balance is the most important when it comes to loyalty to the employer, it has overtaken all other factors. And this regardless of generation and gender.


Delloit survey on women in the workplace², on the other hand, shows that the influence of imbalance has a strong influence on stress and burnout. 34% of the respondents say that it is very difficult to disconnect from work and 47% of them claim that their balance between work and private life is bad. 53% of them claim that their stress has increased compared to the previous year, almost half feel burnout.

How to take care of yourself, find a suitable balance that suits you in particular and how to help each other together is the topic of today's conversation. Nina is a sparkling interlocutor, who can also be known up close by listening to her podcast series I'm in pursuit of balance. She is not afraid to address such a personal topic, moreover, she herself says that she likes to bite into things that frustrate her. Therefore, he should seek answers from experts for himself as well. She has built a large community of people who identify with her themes and overcome many obstacles just by feeling that they are not alone.


Photo: Klemen Razinger


Interlocutor: Nina Gaspari, entrepreneur, content creator and editor of the podcast Lovim poženje
Interesting fact: "Although I never liked my voice, today it has become my main tool."
Life Motto: "In life, the goal is not the most important thing. The path is much more important and it's great if we learn to find our balance while walking and enjoy it."
Recording time: Monday, February 13 at 10:00 a.m
Filming location: Nina Gaspari's podcast studio
Asks: Tamara Valenčič

Women at work 2022²: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/global/Documents/deloitte-women-at-work-2022-a-global-outlook.pdf

GenZ and Millennial Survey 2022:¹ https://www.deloitte.com/content/dam/assets-shared/legacy/docs/about/2022/deloitte-2022-genz-millennial-survey.pdf

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