Life is one thing, no difference between work, home, friends

Beep Talk

The conversation of dr. Maje Fesel Kamenik with Uroš Mesojedec, director of Big Bang

Acclaimed director of the company Big Bang Uroš Mesojedec in a conversation at the Beep Talk & Sounds 2023 event, he talks about, among other things, how we can maintain positive energy and transfer it to others, regardless of whether we are at work, at home or with friends.

Similar to everyday life, understanding others is most important in leadership. Uroš believes that one is what parents want for their children, and the other is what children actually are. We should accept the characteristics of each individual and help them develop into what they need to develop.

He also emphasizes the importance of enjoying life, as he says that "life is one thing, without distinction between work, home, friends".

He also shares some tips on personal development. "I would advise everyone to be who they are," he says. It communicates the importance of self-acceptance, as it helps reduce stress and increase satisfaction in life.

Who is Uros the Carnivore?

Uroš assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Big Bang Group in 2019. Before that, he led successful sales teams in various sectors as a sales director. For herself, she claims that the biggest challenge in management is raising two teenage girls, whom she guides through life more and less successfully. During his career in the business world, he realized that physical and mental fitness is extremely important. An empowered and personally strong leader brings the greatest added value to his team and company. He believes in mentoring and transfer of knowledge, continuous learning and development, swears by an active lifestyle and a calm mind. With this, he faces everyday challenges in a focused and efficient manner. 
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